Telemarketing Jobs

Written by Adam Blau
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For those people interested in earning a living without the burden of a commute or the rigidity of a tight work schedule, telemarketing jobs may hold the answer. Many companies large and small employ telemarketers to perform various tasks. Often, these tasks can be performed from the comfort of the telemarketer's home and on a flexible schedule.

What Types of Telemarketing Jobs Exist?

Telemarketing jobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some telemarketers are on the sales end of a business. That is, a telemarketer will often perform a "cold call" (a call to a stranger who is not expecting to hear from him or her). Many times a telemarketer is responsible for describing and offering a product that a company has for sale.

Some customer service positions fall under the domain of telemarketing jobs. Have you ever received a call from a company with whom you've done business--perhaps a bank or appliance store? Telemarketers are often responsible for making follow-up calls with a customer to ensure that he or she has been happy with the company's service.

Qualifications for Telemarketing Jobs

While qualifications for telemarketing jobs vary from company to company depending on the nature of the specific industry, there are some universal traits that all telemarketers should possess. Telemarketers must be, above all, calm and courteous. Telemarketers come into very direct, sensitive contact with a company's largest asset: their customers. Remember, a telemarketer is acting as the eyes, ears and mouth of the company in a very real way.

Telemarketers should have a good command of the language of the person whom they are calling. If a telemarketer is calling a household in which English is not the native language, it is helpful for the telemarketer to know how to speak with and understand the customer to avoid confusion. Similarly, if English is not a telemarketer's native tongue, a company might be less inclined to have that person call English-speaking households.

Characteristics of Telemarketing Jobs

The characteristics of telemarketing jobs vary from firm to firm. Some telemarketers work from a central location; in these situations, telemarketers are all grouped in one or many rooms and place calls very close to each other. This is useful for training a telemarketer, and it is helpful if a telemarketer doesn't have an immediate answer to a question, as he or she could easily ask a supervisor.

Other telemarketers can work from the comfort of their own homes. In this case, the telemarketer must obviously have a phone on which he can speak comfortably, privately, and for a significant length of time. Firms have different policies concerning phone bill reimbursement and hour flexibility.

If you consider yourself a "people person," then a telemarketing job might be right for you. There is a definite degree to which telemarketing jobs require the ability to speak comfortably on the phone to strangers for extended periods of time. Perhaps you feel like you are a born salesperson; if so, a telemarketing job can earn a lucrative living.

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