Web Audio

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There are many reasons to use web audio to enhance the effectiveness of your company website. A message that is heard, rather than read, can be a lot more effective and easier to understand for your visitors, for one thing. Audio files also provide the element of human contact that makes so many transactions proceed more smoothly. Quite simply, we all appreciate the human touch.

It's possible to use a series of web audios that walk visitors to your website through the various aspects of your business, and even through a purchasing process. You can also use audio for tutorials, in combination with graphics and text files. Although it's not always advisable, sometimes the right kind of music can add a certain atmosphere to your website that will make it more attractive to visitors, or at least help to set the right tone. What is for sure is that audio files will add a depth to your website that is impossible to achieve with no sound at all.

Audio Advantages

One big advantage with audio files is that you can update website content without actually changing the text on your pages if you want to. This can sometimes be advantageous if you already have a good search engine position, as search engines will be indexing you on the strength of your written content, and not what's contained in your audio files. Changing text can upset search engine ranking.

Part of making web audio the success you want it to be is picking the right voice for your message. There are companies online that specialize in this kind of voiceover. Spending a little to ensure you have the right voice for the job can really pay off in terms of website response. In addition, web audio for your business website is a very economical way of getting a special message across. Apart from the initial cost of setting up audio files, there is no other associated cost. No matter how many times visitors access the file, your costs will stay the same.

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