Work From Home On The Internet

Written by Adam Blau
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The broadband revolution of the past few years has made it surprisingly easy to work from home on the Internet. Some recent statistics have implied that for the first time ever, broadband users are beginning to outnumber dial-up customers in the US. This increased information flow has enabled many companies to conduct significant portions of their internal business strictly on the Internet, and has even eliminated the need for a full in-house office in some cases.

Those companies that have capitalized on the latest technological trends are upgrading their systems to intranet or internet-based operating systems. With these systems, a telecommuter only needs to navigate to a secure link, often using a simple web browser like Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape. Much of the time, you don't even need extra software to work from home on the Internet.

Though the format obviously varies from company to company, many internet-based companies are following a similar format. Once you navigate to a company's employee log-in page and type in a password, you have access to the same exact system that would appear on a computer at an external office. The only difference will be the lack of water cooler chatter and free donuts on Fridays.

Some Disclaimers for Those Who Wish to Work from Home on the Internet

Keep in mind that if you would like to work from home on the Internet, it is mandatory that your computer be up to speed. This means that your processor should be appropriately fast for the tasks needed at your job, and that you have enough RAM and updated software. Most likely, a company's tech department will have a list of recommended technical requirements for telecommuters, and they should be able to answer any questions you may have about logging onto a work system from your house.

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