Adwords Management

Written by Liza Hartung
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One of the most wonderful things about creating a website is that you have access to the entire world. You might be selling a product that you can ship through the mail, offering advice that you can fax or email or simply advertising your local retail shop, bed and breakfast or service. Whatever the case may be, getting online is a good idea considering how much of the world is turning to the Internet.

The Popularity of AdWords

Google has come out with a new way to market your website. It's known as AdWords, short for advertising words. Basically, you sign up with Google, and choose a few keywords that relate to your site. This makes it more likely that your site will pop up when someone does a search with those words. You pay Google every time someone clicks on your site. If no one clicks, you don't pay. This kind of advertising is also known as PPC, or pay-per-click.

It's not quite as simple as it sounds, however. The better keywords cost more money per click. There are certain intricacies with AdWords that tend to frustrate many people. This is why it's a good idea to get a book or tape on how to really manage your account. In addition, certain internet marketing companies will assist you with this.

A recent study done by MarketingSherpa has shown that companies that choose to hire another source to take care of their PPC marketing show an increase in conversion rate from 5.4 percent to 6.8 percent. That's a 25 percent jump in sales, not just in people who visit the site. If you would like to see this happen to your business, consider hiring outside of your company.

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