Business Promotions

Written by Michael Federico
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Business promotions continue to take new forms as companies of all kinds struggle to get noticed in a flooded consumer market. For large corporations with seemingly bottomless marketing budgets, television and radio are still the media of choice for business promotions. However, smaller companies that cannot afford pricey commercial spots have had to find other outlets.

Print ads are still reasonably priced, and they can be effective. Handing out fliers is a cheap, simple way to advertise directly to the people. This, though, often leads to more litter than business. As more companies operate strictly on the Internet, and more people have access to the Web, many have found that online business promotions can attract new, unique business.

Types of Online Business Promotions

Internet businesses and major retailers who sell products over the Web have several options when creating online business promos. Anyone who has used the Internet is familiar with banner ads and popups. These are quick ways for companies to direct browsers to their websites. Popunders and interstitial ads are becoming even more popular than the older forms of computer business promotions.

There are agencies that work directly with internet start-ups to create business promotions that will reach the largest number of potential customers. These agencies offer a variety of ad techniques, and some guarantee a certain amount of new traffic. Online ad agency business promotions can help privately owned or small-scale operations get off the ground or increase revenue later in the game.

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