Interstitial Website Advertising

Written by Michael Federico
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Interstitial website advertising represents the newest in internet marketing. Interstitials show a marked effort by business owners to raise the level of computer ads to the level of TV commercials. In the relatively short time that interstitial website advertising has been available, it has consistently led to better results than banners and popups.

An advertisement, whether on the Internet, in the paper, on TV, or on the radio, has to be seen to even have the chance to be successful. In the case of the Internet, where users can quickly close popup windows without ever viewing them, an ad will have a more difficult time reaching potential customers. Experts in the field isolated the problems inherent in each of the main forms of web ads and tried to eliminate those problems when developing interstitial website advertising.

Aspects of Interstitial Website Advertising

Like popunders, interstitials load in the background of the screen. They load quickly, so they are in full view when they appear to a potential customer. Also, interstitial websites advertising can be directed at people on a set schedule. For instance, the same person will only see the same ad as often as an owner wants. This avoids over saturation, and it makes it more likely that a user will actually look at the ad.

While the loading and distribution of interstitials have made them effective sales tools, it is the design of interstitial website advertising that truly sets them apart. They employ the use of animation, audio tracks, and some have even begun to incorporate video. Presentations are becoming more elaborate as they become more affordable. Currently, not all websites accept interstitials, but many believe in the near future they will be visible all over the Internet.

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