Online Advertising Agencies

Written by Michael Federico
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Online advertising agencies have been able to increase profits for businesses of all sizes. A variety of methods can be employed by online advertising agencies to attract unique internet traffic to a company's website. Banner ads were once the staple of internet advertising. However, as the dotcom industry has suffered losses, banner ads have taken a hit. People feel they do little to bring in new business, so online advertising agencies have developed new techniques to reach consumers.

Popups are still one of the most popular ad techniques, but more and more people are equipping their computers with programs that stop popups. Also, it is quite easy to see one coming, which allows people to close them before they have even finished loading. Because of these problems, many online advertising agencies fear the popup will go the way of the banner.

New Services Provided by Online Advertising Agencies

Popunders have proven to be a bit more effective than popups. These ads load behind a user's browser window. They appear fully loaded and as complete ads. Online advertising agencies have recently introduced spots called interstitials. These are the closest things to commercials on the Net. They can feature animation, audio tracks, and even basic video. Many see these as the future of online advertising.

When a business works with some online advertising agencies, they can receive real time updates of visitors who have come to the site due to specific ads. This gives them the opportunity to evaluate what advertising techniques are working for them. No internet advertising agency can guarantee sales for a company, but many do guarantee a certain amount of original traffic.

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