Pay Per Click Advertising

Written by Liza Hartung
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Google's AdWords has made pay-per-click advertising quite a popular thing. If you don't know what it is and you currently have a website that you are trying to create traffic to, I suggest you take a look at it. Basically, you choose a company that provides PPC advertising. You can look around a compare a few before committing to one. You'll need to look for good rates as well as companies that list with the better search engines.

Once you sign up with a place, you will then be asked to choose keywords that fit your topic. These are words that you think people might type in when doing a search in order to find your website. If your site pops up on a search and someone clicks on it, you pay the company. You only pay when someone clicks, hence, pay-per-click. There is a bit of a catch, however.

Paying Per Click

As you look you will start to find that all the "good" or most relevant keywords will be more expensive. You might stumble across a site that offers rates as low as five cents per click, but when you look at the keywords and realize that they have little to do with your topic, you'll realize why the rates were so low. Don't let this get you down, however.

There are many people out there who have figured out the intricacies of the PPC system. Many of them are willing to share secrets. You can find companies that are quite skilled at making the most out of PPC advertising--they often have specialized software to analyze keyphrases specific to PPC campaigns. These companies are online and can do the work for you, often for a monthly fee.

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