Pop Unders

Written by Michael Federico
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Popunders are starting to take the place of banners all over the Internet. In the past, popups were seen as a quick and easy way to advertise on the Web. Users caught on and quickly became fed up with what they saw as an unwanted interruption. Many businesses found they were paying for popup ads that were not bringing in click through traffic, let alone new business.

Popunders have managed to overcome the basic problems of other internet ads. They do not load in front of the viewer. Instead, when a user closes the browser window, the popunder will appear. The ad will also be seen in its completed form. This, alone, has made popunders appealing to owners. Even if people are annoyed by them, they are still seeing them, and that will lead some to visit the advertised site.

Affordable Popunders

Internet advertising on the whole is relatively affordable. A small number of "spots" directed at the right group of people can do a lot to increase revenue for a company. They can bring in new business, which will improve the company's rank on the search engines, which will bring in new business. Ultimately, a popunder has the ability to pay for itself in a very short time.

Due to their simplicity and their ability to generate profit, popunders are used by almost all internet advertising agencies. They can function as a single means of advertising, or part of a larger marketing scheme. Agency fees for popunders vary depending on design, quantity, and the agency itself.

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