Popup Displays

Written by Michael Federico
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Popup displays used to refer to portable banners and stands that one would take to a trade show. Although the phrase still might refer to that today, it is more commonly used in connection with a marketing tool unique to the Internet. Like most things, it is not always important what a popup says, but it is always important how a popup looks.

Colors, headers, and whether or not they will take the form of a menu are all considered when developing popup displays. Websites offer a variety of popup displays for those who need use of them. These sites offer pictures of each, and some even allow a browser to mix and match.

Types of Popup Displays

Popup messengers and popup menus are the latest in popup technology. The messenger delivers an ad to a user. It can appear as a mini window, or a full page. The full page traditionally attracts more business. The menu creates a virtual table of contents for a site, breaking it down into subjects, which are each connected to several topics. Both can be viewed simultaneously.

The Internet is a visual medium. This means that, like their trade show brethren, popup displays must catch a viewer's eye. There are professionals whose only job is to design popup displays and other ads for online companies. Appropriately, they can be found online. The best services have access to the latest technology, and they aware of current trends in the website promotion.

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