Popup Menus

Written by Michael Federico
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Popup menus can quickly lay out the entire content of a website. The most common popup menus break down into two parts. On the left, a viewer will see the subject menu. On the right is the topic menu. When new subject is chosen, the corresponding sites will appear in the topic menu.

Popup menus are generally created in Java. However, hybrid websites can be created to adapt to the differences inherent in each browser. Also, there are menus that can display more than one subject at a time, and some that can be spread out over three or four menus, making it even easier to navigate through a site.

Using Popup Menus in Web Advertising

For websites that offer a large quantity of products or a variety of services, popup menus can be more effective than traditional popups. As soon as the menu appears, a viewer can instantly see all that a site has to offer. They can also begin to search the site immediately. This can help create interest, and more importantly, it can help create traffic.

There are websites that allow users to create their own popup menus. However, it is not that easy for those who are not extremely computer literate. For those who have no idea what programming languages have to do with anything, there are professional services that can develop popup menus for them. These services can also assist with menu displays, and the execution of the ads themselves.

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