Popup Window Advertising

Written by Michael Federico
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Popup window advertising has developed a bit of a bad reputation among many computer users. Speed is a major selling point for the Internet. People want rapid, unfettered access to information, and popup window advertising obstructs searches and slows things down. These feelings of ill will have led to the development of "ad stoppers," programs that eliminate popups and other forms of Web promotions.

Despite all of this, popup window advertising is still managing to get through to a large number of consumers. They have been especially effective for internet businesses, because they create a direct link to the company's website. With popups, products are only a click away.

New Advances in Popup Window Advertising

In the past, popups were exactly what their name implies. They were windows that appeared out of nowhere while a user was attempting to view something else. They loaded in front of the viewer, giving one ample time to avoid looking at the ad. Popup window advertising would often appear to the same person a number of times during the same internet session, essentially rendering an ad obsolete after only one day.

Several ad agencies are now using popups that are displayed as complete websites. They can be floated across an extensive advertising network, reaching thousands of people. This new breed of ad can employ the use of a messenger system, as well. The messenger, while seen by many as a cheap ploy, is a great way to guarantee that an ad will be seen. The user opens their message, not knowing that they are clicking on a commercial. The advances in popup window advertising have helped them compete with interstitials and the newer forms of web publicity.

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