Popups And Popunders

Written by Michael Federico
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Popups and popunders are used by almost all internet businesses that advertise. They are standard in most marketing packages produced by an online agency. They are so common on the Internet that most people, at this time, consider them to simply be part of the landscape. Overexposure has threatened to limit the power of popups and popunders, but they remain highly sought after marketing tools.

The popularity of popups and popunders can be easily linked to their effectiveness. Anyone who has searched the Web for any extended period of time can attest to clicking on the occasional popups and popunders. Their simplicity and relatively low cost have also contributed to the number of people who utilize them. They appeal to internet promotion companies for the same reason. They make it possible for agencies to attract business on all scales. A firm that has affordable ads can always survive by working with small and home-based companies.

Problems With Popups and Popunders

Many of the negatives that popups and popunders present have either recently been dealt with, or are currently being worked on by online ad agencies the world over. For instance, many popups were being discarded before loading. That was simple enough to fix. They now load faster and behind the browser window. There is not as much time to close them before they take shape.

There is, however, a larger problem facing popups and popunders. Their ubiquity has led many to resentment. It is now possible for people to download programs that deny popups and popunders the chance to even appear on screen.

Messengers for Popups and Popunders

As the battle against specific marketing tools rages, advances have allowed popups and popunders to fight another day. They have taken on new forms in order to remain relevant. The messenger, in most cases, can circumvent a blocker that might have been installed on a browser.

The messenger, for all intents and purposes, delivers popups and popunders to an unsuspecting user. It does not, at first blush, appear to be a sales pitch. The viewer opens it, and the ad appears in full glory. This has proven to be a great marketing tool for internet businesses, as it receives direct attention from the user.

Ad Packages Using Popups and Popunders

Several agencies offer marketing programs that feature nothing other than popups and popunders. Others will use them as the bulk of a campaign, but use banners and interstitials as well. Regardless, popups and popunders are not all that expensive, and business owners can choose to use them as often or as sparingly as they like.

Many have said that the messenger will be the next to go. Some believe the interstitial marks the end of popups and popunders. The future, even on the Internet, is unforeseeable. However, this style of advertising has successfully survived whatever the market has thrown at it up until this point. Of course, technology will continue to advance, but popups and popunders have consistently been swept into each new generation of marketing tools.

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