Search Engine Submission

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you have a website and you aren't participating in search engine submission, you are missing out on hundreds of potential customers. If you are reading this, you have most likely performed a search with a search engine at some point. People go to Google, MSN, Yahoo and others to type in keywords or phrases relating to what they are looking for. The page that shows up after that is a results page.

You, as a website owner, are looking to make it so that an ad for your site appears on the results page. You don't want to be listed at the bottom. People rarely look beyond the second and third pages, thinking anything after that really won't help them. This isn't necessarily true, but it's what most people think. Now, how do you get your site to pop up on a results page?

Seeking Professional Help

You can't just create your site and hope something will happen. You have to do what's known as search engine submission. In fact, you can make it really easy on yourself and sign up with a company that will do this for you--especially since submission will need to occur on a monthly basis for best results with indexing. Unless you are an expert in Internet marketing, you should think about seeking professional assistance. There are over 100,000 people partaking in search engine submission.

It takes a lot of experience and knowledge of each search engine to navigate your marketing successfully. A good company will charge a flat monthly fee and provide you with a number of services. Make sure the company offers detailed reports about all the directories and search engines you have been listed with.

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