Site Stats

Written by Kevin Little
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Site stats are perhaps more than you bargained for. We all know that numbers are a big part of understanding the relative success of a website. But did you know just how many numbers are currently available to help you analyze your website traffic?

The first and probably most important number calculates how many people are coming to your site. That's easy--but there are a few ways to break this number down to reveal more about the visiting patterns you encounter each day. More than simply a novelty, these numbers allow you to see the big picture by filling in the smaller, specific details.

Site Stats Are Numerous

Once you have that first, all important general number, you can sort out the particular elements to help you better understand what makes your site work. Site analysis data is available for how many people come to you via search engines Not only that, you can parse out the keywords people use when they're looking for someone like you.

By knowing exactly what people are looking for through your site stats, you can give them exactly what they need when they bring your site up on their browsers. Are people looking a certain product when they see your page in their search results? Well, then why not feature that product, front and center, on your home page?

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