Web Page Hits

Written by Kevin Little
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Web page hits are what make your site worth having. After all, if a web page is created on the internet but no one goes to visit it, does it really exist? Existential questions aside, there are a number of reason to keep careful count of your site hits.

For not all web page hits are created equal. No, some are actually better than others, depending on who is doing the surfing. The more you know about the details of the visits to your site, the more you can adapt to encourage more of them.

Different Web Page Hits Mean Different Things

If you include website analysis and tracking as part of your daily routine, you can garner a lot of data regarding the different users who visit your site. You can determine which users are new users and which are returning, which lets you know if your site is bringing in enough people and convincing them to stay. If either of these elements is under-performing, you can quickly move to remedy the situation.

You'll also get an in-depth look at your marketing situation. With the right web site statistics, you'll be able to tell if your advertisers are attracting appropriate numbers of visitors to your site. More than just odd facts, these statistics can pave the way to a more successful marketing presence.

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