Web Site Performance Analysis

Written by Kevin Little
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Web site performance analysis takes many different forms. There are so many things you can learn about your site that you won't learn from hit counters! The more you know about your site's usage patters, the better you can customize your site to keep people coming back for more.

The first step is to determine just who is looking at your site. Your site can be viewed by people all over the world--do you know how many of your surfers are from other countries? Are you currently set up to enable your page to be translated into all of the languages you might need to support?

Web Site Performance Analysis: Better Results

The above language question is just one of the many variables that high-powered website analysis software can help you uncover. You might also want to know, for example, which of your pages get viewed the most. This information can give you clues about which products your visitors are really after, or which design elements they really like.

Aesthetics are important, after all. What's the point of all that time spent on design if most of your visitors are viewing your page in a resolution other than that in which your page was designed? Web site performance analysis is a key ingredient in keeping the legions that make up your web site constituency satisfied.

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