Web Site Traffic Analysis

Written by Kevin Little
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Web site traffic analysis is essential to the continued development of your own space on the web. Data on its own can be valuable, but it doesn't hold a candle to numbers that are carefully scrutinized. Start learning what those data streams really signify.

Let's look at a scenario. You redesign your site one day, in order to offer a more enjoyable surfing experience to those who point and click their way to you. At the same time, you put up banners on a couple of other sites in order to better draw more people to the virtual nirvana you've created.

Web Site Traffic Analysis: Immediate Understanding

Now, let's say this plan works like a charm--your website traffic increases, and your sales shoot up! This is great news, of course--but do you really know why these changes are happening? Do you know if the advertising sites are bringing in as many customers as they say they will, or whether your success can be attributed to your home page becoming more search engine-friendly?

Web site traffic analysis can help you puzzle out the causes and effects that make your site go. You can collect hard data concerning the sources of your fluctuating web site traffic stats. You can figure out what's working, and at the same time determine what could be even better!

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