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Written by Kevin Little
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Website analysis is, like the internet itself, an ever-changing, ever-expanding entity. Long gone are the days when you could feel secure with just a simple count of how many people visited your site last week. Internet traffic patterns have always been complex, but only now are people finding ways to collect and interpret this data in a clear, coherent way.

Keeping up with the recent developments in internet technology can be quite a task, given how fast such tech leaps into the future. Nevertheless, it's important to be aware of all of the resources that are available to you to make your job easier, including website tracking software. Website analysis, complex as it may sound, actually brings your place on the web into focus.

Why Is Website Analysis Important?

So just what advantages can you gain from detailed analysis of the traffic patterns that swarm around your site? Well, understanding exactly what is occurring when it comes to your website traffic is essential to making the decisions that keep your site healthy and growing. If you want to attract more traffic, you'll need to understand how your traffic currently flows.

After all, you wouldn't decide to buy a car based solely on one factor. Yet many people do this when it comes to web development, relying only on the total number of hits when concocting their strategies. Learn a bit more about how those numbers shake out, and you'll find yourself well ahead of the pack.

Learning about Marketing

Web site marketing is among the most important factors to the progress you make on the web. Make sure you know how each of you referring sites is performing when it comes to providing you with essential targeted web site hits. After all, it doesn't make sense to let your employees proceed unsupervised!

Website analysis breaks down each of the sources of your online traffic. You can easily discern which sites in which sectors are sending you quality traffic in large quantities. With that knowledge in hand, you can effectively plan the next phase of your marketing cycle with confidence.

Learning about Presentation

Once you have the traffic you need, you'll need to entice your new visitors to stick with you as their online guide. After all, what's the point of attracting guests who don't stick around? With a little website analysis information, you can structure your site around what people are looking for.

For example, website analysis lets you know what search terms people are using when they stumble across your URL. You'll also be privy to the hits each of your pages gets, illuminating the truly popular portions of your site. with such valuable information, it's a cinch to show people exactly what they want to see when they bring up your page!

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