Website Hit Counter

Written by Kevin Little
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Website hit counters are valuable tools--they just aren't as valuable as they once were. Think of them like the Egyptian lever system used to build the pyramids--exceptionally useful in their era, but nothing you'd want to rely solely on today. With the passage of time, better systems become available, and on the internet such transitions happen at warp speed.

Just as it's important to keep up with advances in technology, so is it important to keep up with the latest data concerning your website. As more and more numbers become accessible, those without such access fall behind the curve. When you're making important decisions involving the fate of your site, it pays to have all of the information you can get your eyes on.

Website Hit Counters: The First Step

Yes, website hit counters give you the first piece of data you need: the number of visitors to your site. But as your site grows, you'll need more specific info if you are to continue to make prudent decisions. For example, you'll need to know how each aspect of your web site marketing is performing.

Advanced website analysis can give you the statistics you require. Break-downs like page versus page, marketing service versus marketing service, and unique visitors versus returning visitors can provide you with a complete picture of your site's operation. Understanding traffic is essential if you hope to attract more of it.

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