Website Promotion Marketing

Written by Michael Federico
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Website promotion marketing agencies continue to raise the bar for internet advertising. Now, many people view any form of an ad as a sign that the bar has been lowered. That notwithstanding, website promotion marketing continues to look better, while it reaches more people.

There are forms of website promotion marketing that receive about as warm a welcome as telemarketers. The spam email has achieved infamy in a relatively short time. Other ad techniques, such as popups, are not much more beloved, but they are still used to great effect by many internet companies.

New Forms of Website Promotion Marketing

It is no secret that the internet is a youth oriented market. Many who use it have no idea that television commercials used to be done right on the set of the show. They are familiar only with the rapid fire, often vague ads that dominate TV today.

Website promotion marketing is currently taking that first step away from its on-set equivalent. The interstitial is fast. It can feature music or dialogue; animation or video. It is, in short, directed to grab the attention of those who have been raised on TV. So far, interstitials have lived up to their hype, consistently reporting higher traffic rates than those of the older, slower promotions. Technology is only making the interstitial more effective. Right now, it is not carried on all major browsers, but soon they will be. They will also become clearer, and if TV has taught us anything in the past few years, a bit more extreme.

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