Marriage And Family Ceus

Written by Beth Hrusch
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In counseling situations, it is often revealed that many of the problems in relationships and with mental health in general stem from difficulties within the family. A person with a troubled home life is far more likely to experience psychological disorders than one whose family life was and is stable and loving. Marriage and family counseling delves into the issues that affect mental health, and seeks to heal the damage done by unhealthy family relationships.

Family Counseling Issues

Continuing education in the field of marriage and family counseling may include such topics as the dynamic of the couple, multi-generational patterns, and disruptive family behaviors. Various approaches to problems are explored as the student seeks to understand which patterns of behavior are destructive to the family unit.

Methods of working with couples and families to restore the balance of the unit itself include such strategies as intervention and psychotherapy. Each individual can be given a different perspective from which to see their place within the family unit. The counselor who has additional credits in this field will recognize the signs that point to elements destructive to the family, such as addiction and mental illness.

Treatment methods must take into account the family and the marriage as a whole. Often, a combination of physiological and psychological solutions are used. For the therapist, attending online courses and working closely with troubled families under supervision are two ways of getting the training needed to become proficient in this specialty.

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