San Francisco Mortgage Companies

    If you asked a hundred people what their top 10 least favorite things to do are, you would probably hear, "find a mortgage company," quite often. It's not as annoying as it sounds, provided you know what to look for, what to ask about and what to stay away from. Before you start your search, though, you need to come up with a budget. Start by writing everything down.

    Working with a Budget

    Begin with your income. Write down your total household income after taxes. Then, make a list of all your necessary expenditures. Include debt payments, car payments, utility bills, internet service, any classes you are taking, and everything that you wouldn't be able to live without. After that, make a second list of all the things you spend money on that you don't have to. Your list will include things like dining out, going to the movies, books and furniture.

    If you are completely clueless when it comes to financial matters, you might want to take these lists to a financial planner to work out a proper budget for your mortgage. Don't forget that regular parking and daily coffee counts on your list. Once you have created a budget you can work with, start scouting out mortgage companies. You can begin your work at home by calling or looking on the Internet. Some websites serve as free middlemen, from which you can compare different institutions and get unbiased credit advice.

    Ask about fees with each prospective lender. All mortgage companies will have fees. However, they will differ from company to company. In addition, they are negotiable. Before you commit to a company, find out how flexible they are in regards to their fees. Next, compare interest rates. Avoid companies that tell you that you will get your loan in a certain amount of time. Bad credit loans are available that are designed not to take advantage of those in a tough situation, but to help people rebuild their credit.