California Land Loans

Written by Stephanie Dula
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When shopping around for land loans in the communities of California, consumers may find it helpful to first take stock of their specific needs, and go from there. There are a number of important factors to consider when buying land. Zoning restrictions, easements, and land surveys are just a few of the complexities that go along with purchasing land on which to build.

Different Kinds of California Land Loans

There are basically two types of raw land in real estate terms, unimproved land and improved property. Unimproved land will not have any added amenities like utilities or sewer connections. Improved property will be zoned for a specific intended use and is more desirable to those with immediate plans for construction on the site. It's also a more attractive property for mortgage lenders, and as a result, usually carries a lower interest rate.

When looking at a piece of potential property, many people like to check and see if any structures have ever been built there. This is important because of the environmental impact of gas and oil lines and tanks that may be buried there. New landowners don't want to be responsible for any extra costs that may be incurred by correcting past damage to the site.

California land loans can be researched thoroughly on the Internet, including current tax rates and zoning restrictions for the area. It pays to arm oneself with as much knowledge as possible about the current trends in the real estate market when applying for a land loan. A good mortgage broker can provide essential information about the neighborhood that may not be available from other sources.

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