California Mortgage Brokers

Written by Tara Peris
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In California, mortgage brokers are a dime a dozen and you must know a thing or two about the real estate market in order to choose a reliable lender. You can be assured that in a competitive market, brokers will compete vigorously for your business. Your job is to discriminate among those who offer only empty promises and those who can deliver on their words.

Anyone who has been through the process of trying to buy a home knows that finding a trustworthy mortgage broker can be a maddening experience. It's a high-pressure industry for these guys, and the stress it engenders inevitably spills over into interaction with potential clients. In their eagerness to please, most lenders will promise you the moon only to leave you hanging once the papers have been signed.

Proceed with Caution

As an informed consumer, your job is to view potential brokers with a discriminating eye and a healthy dose of skepticism. Be wary of big promises that seem incongruent with your standing in the real estate market. Although savvy maneuvering can help many people find their way into great homes, if a loan package seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Plan on interviewing at least two or three potential brokers and evaluate candidates on both their knowledge of the field and their interpersonal skills. More than anything, you want someone you can trust, and someone with whom you feel comfortable. Trust your gut, and steer clear of high-pressure sales techniques. A reliable broker will provide information in a straightforward manner and allow you to make decisions for yourself.

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