Palm Springs Mortgages

Written by Liza Hartung
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Palm Springs is a favorite for vacations and for retirement living. However, this doesn't mean that families don't live in Palm Springs. This Southern California town is known for its beautiful desert setting. In the middle of the desert you come upon luxury resorts, gorgeous houses and strips of fun boutiques and mouth-watering restaurants. If you live in Palm Springs, your relatives will want to visit all the time.

Getting a Mortgage in Palm Springs

Perhaps the least favorite step of buying a house is looking for a mortgage lender. This is a very important step, though. If you rush over this, you could be risking your financial situation. Many people have rushed into the first thing that came across their plate and have had their credit ruined. It's not fun to read through the many pages and paragraphs that lenders will put in front of you.

However, this step is necessary if you want to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Before you choose a lender, go meet with a bunch. Get estimates of all the fees they will be charging you. Ask about each one that you don't understand. If you assume that you are looking at a broker fee, but aren't sure, ask. The key to finding the best mortgage for you is to never assume.

After you fill out your application, make sure you get a "good faith" estimate of costs. The lender you apply with should provide this for you. When you close, take the estimate with you and compare it, paragraph for paragraph, with the settlement. If you find any discrepancies, resolve them immediately.

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