Riverside Mortgages

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you are looking for homes in Southern California, but you don't want to be in the heart of Los Angeles, you might want to consider Riverside. If you are dead set on being near the beach, this probably isn't the town for you. It's about an hour and a half away from the ocean, and about an hour from the heart of Los Angeles.

When you are wondering what the best type of mortgage is for you, do a little research on fixed-rate mortgages. These have been shown to provide the most benefit to both the homeowner and the economy. As its name suggests, the interest is fixed, or unchanging. You don't have to worry that a certain date will hit and your interest will suddenly fly sky high.

Knowing what your interest rate will be for years to come helps make homes more affordable. In addition, a fixed-rate mortgage allows for effective planning for the future. You can start to save for vacations, college for your children or retirement. These mortgages create a desired peace of mind in the homeowner. There is an increased ease in the ability to refinance. When looking for mortgage lenders, ask and compare fixed-rate mortgages.

Want to Pay Early?

When you are looking into loans, watch for prepayment penalties. I have known countless people to get a loan with these penalties because they thought they wouldn't need or be able to pay off the loan early. When it happened that they could and they wanted to, they lost almost $4,000 in paying these penalties. If you have good credit, it's easier to stay away from contracts that have high penalties.

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