Salinas Mortgages

Written by Liza Hartung
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Many people look to California for their new home. The reasons vary from wanting to pursue acting to work reasons to the appeal of the nice year-round weather. You might be moving to be closer to your family. Whatever the reason, you are sure to find an area that fits your needs and desires. Salinas is a wonderful middle-ground city. By middle-ground, I mean that this city is about four hours north of Los Angeles and about two hours south of San Francisco.

The citizens of Salinas are wonderfully diverse. This town strives toward a sense of community and connectedness. It is known as "The Salad Bowl of the World." Salinas is surrounded by lands for agriculture. In fact, agriculture is the leading industry at $2.2 billion a year. The weather is relatively moderate, making for good use of the city's golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and parks.

In addition, the Salinas Community Center is home for regular symphonies, ballets, conventions and concerts. This city is also proud to be the place of the California Rodeo and the California International Airshow. For outdoor lovers, Salinas is a mere 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean and Monterey Bay. To the east, you can drive to the El Gabilan Mountains.

Looking for a Mortgage in Salinas

When looking for a mortgage, consider a fixed-rate mortgage. These are becoming increasingly popular in that they are beneficial to both the homeowner and the economy. Many mortgages have interest rates that vary throughout your years of payment. A fixed rate is just that. It's an interest rate that doesn't change. This serves for easy financial planning for the future and is a great way to take advantage of currently low interest rates.

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