San Diego Mortgages

Written by Liza Hartung
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Many people who are looking to move to Southern California end up moving to San Diego. For those who don't need to be within a reasonable driving distance to Los Angeles on a daily basis, this is a perfect city. You can take a day trip to LA if you like. It's only about two hours. Prices are high in San Diego, due to the constant influx of newcomers. When securing a mortgage, however, be sure to seek a balance between affordable interest rates and a large loan. While it can be tempting to get the biggest house available to you, it's more important that you can afford the monthly payments with room to spare in your budget.

San Diego is known around the world for its beaches. There are miles and miles of soft sand and wonderful surf. There are also many golf courses that will please the avid golfer. For more outdoor fun, try San Diego's many parks, hiking trails, tennis courts and fishing areas. San Diego also has a great aquatics system. Toddlers to adults can take lessons.

San Diego Schooling

If you are moving with your family, you are likely concerned about the schooling system. San Diego has begun implementing their "6 to 6" program. Parents who work most of the day find this to be an extremely helpful and convenient system. Even though school may start around 8 AM and end around 3 PM, there are activities that your children can participate in beginning at 6:30 AM and ending at 6:00 PM.

This program was started to provide a safe and educational environment for children. They can participate in physical activities such as sports and general recreation. For those kids who would like some extra help with their homework, that is provided. Arts and crafts are available to do. Children can be active in performing arts as well as academic games.

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