San Francisco Mortgage Refinance

Written by Liza Hartung
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Refinancing can be a great move if you make it with proper planning. When you refinance, you renegotiate the mortgage that you currently have on your home. You will reconfigure your payments. This is usually done so that you can lower your interest rate. The thing with refinancing is that you have to use the equity in your home as collateral. If you default for any reason, your lender can repossess your home.

Since you are using your home against your loan, you must be very careful with your financial planning. Poor planning can cause you to be in a worse situation than you were ever in before. With proper planning, refinancing can be a very effective move as you can use the money for anything. You don't just have to reconfigure what you've been working with.

Be Smart with Your Money

With refinancing, you can take out more money, but keep your payments the same by lowering your interest rate at the same time. You can use this money to consolidate debt, take a vacation, send a child to college, buy a new car, put an addition on your home or whatever you like. You just have to make sure that you have a plan to pay it back in the time allotted.

In fact, if you pay your loan back fast, you may be able to increase your credit score at a faster rate than if you were to pay the exact amount each month. If you think that you might do this at some point, make sure you don't have any prepayment penalties. Some companies will charge months' worth of interest if you want to pay early.

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