Santa Rosa Home Loans

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you're looking for a place to live along the Pacific Coast in Northern California, you might want to consider Santa Rosa. The Partners for Livable Communities recently named Santa Rosa one of America's Most Livable Communities. When you think about how many communities went into consideration, places from all 50 states, that is a very high honor.

What makes Santa Rosa so wonderful? It's only a few minutes' drive to the beach, the majestic redwoods and over 100 wineries. The population exceeds 150,000, but the residents of Santa Rosa know how to maintain a small town feel by being friendly and welcoming. Santa Rosa lies a mere 50 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you need a little bit of the city life, make the short trip into San Francisco.

Mortgage Lenders in Santa Rosa

When you are planning to buy a home in Santa Rosa, you will need a mortgage lender. Most home loans are usually for 30 years. Some people like to make them for 40 in order to lower the monthly payments. This may seem like a good idea initially, but you could end up paying thousands of dollars extra in interest alone. If you can figure out the 30-year plan, you would be best advised to do that.

After you apply for a mortgage, you should immediately get a "good faith" estimate. Your lender should provide this. When it comes time to close, bring the estimate. Compare it point for point with the closing settlement. If you find any major discrepancies, have them rectified. If the lender refuses and you aren't refinancing or getting a second mortgage, don't sign anything; you can move on and find a suitable deal with the help of lender locators on the Web.

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