Southern California Home Loans

Written by Liza Hartung
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At any given time of the day, someone is thinking about or moving to Southern California. It's quite a popular place, as evidenced by the more than 10 million people who already live there. The weather is gorgeous all year long. The winters are mild. There are maybe 10 days of rain all year. Palm trees line the streets, and the beach is never too far away. It's the home of the rich and famous and those trying to become so.

If you are moving from pretty much anywhere except New York City, expect the prices of homes to be higher than you expected. Southern California property is almost always appreciating in value. This is good news for homeowners. This will help your equity increase as well as allow you to sell for more than you spent when you bought the house.

No matter how much you think you know or don't know about applying for a mortgage, you must take your time and shop around. Not only that, you must read everything on every paper that is given to you. Ask questions about everything you don't understand. Never assume. Lenders have to make a living, too. You don't want one month's salary to come out of your pocket unnecessarily.

Don't Rush into a Home Loan

The biggest mistake people make when looking for home loans is not reading everything. They don't want to take the time. They think they are wasting the lender's time. They trust the lender. Remember, this is your money and your credit on the line, don't risk messing up your credit because you didn't feel like reading some silly papers. You'll get in your home soon enough. Doing comparisons on available rates ahead of time is a good way to gain some negotiating leverage.

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