Colorado Mortgage Lenders

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Colorado mortgage lenders realize that buying a home is the largest single investment made by most people. The goal of these lenders--once the loan and home buying process is completed--is to have a satisfied client whose home purchase went smoothly. To accomplish this, Colorado mortgage lenders put their expertise to work for their clients as they guide them through the preparation and document-gathering that are necessary.

Although there are many details, the loan process can be divided into three categories. Making informed decisions is the first; find a knowledgeable lender and educate yourself about the kinds of loans, current mortgage rates in Colorado, and the information you need to provide the lender. In consultation with your lender, decide what city/neighborhood you want to live in, and how much down payment and house you can afford.

Colorado Mortgage Lenders Assist Clients

The next big step is the actual application process, during which you will need to supply information about your finances, employment history, and credit history. Records and documents are required for each of these groups. Bank account balances and account numbers; all loan amounts and balances, and at least two years of employment history are necessary.

Last are the settlement, or closing, procedures. Colorado mortgage lenders make sure, at this crucial point, that you understand and approve all forms and documents that are to be signed. They make sure that all financial figures and totals are correct. You--the new home buyer--sign all forms, and your Colorado mortgage lender finalizes the transfer of funds.

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