Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Florida commercial real estate loans come in various forms. If you're looking for commercial property loans that will help your housing or commercial property venture get the financing it needs, you may be in luck. In Florida, there are many new programs to help you.

For residential developments, there are some Florida commercial real estate loans that can fund up to $50,000,000. These types of loan are typically for residential units that will be rental properties. The development must contain at least five different units to qualify.

For mixed-use commercial spaces, you can also find good financing. Expect a lender to ask questions about your business record and future intentions. If your investment projection seems sound, you may be able to land a loan at a fantastic interest rate.

Finding Brokers for Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans

You can find some excellent Florida mortgage brokers on the Internet. A licensed broker can help you to find the Florida mortgage lenders who offer the best terms on commercial loans. Once you've fixed the rates on an affordable loan, your worries about financing are over.

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