Home Appraisal Tips

Written by Laurie Nichol
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There is all kinds of home-selling information to keep in mind, from the advantages to getting real estate appraisals online to the importance of maintaining "curb appeal." But, of course, ways to learn about and raise the value of your home and make a successful sale are many. No resource on home appraisal tips would be complete without some advice on timing.

How Long Can You Expect to Wait Before Selling?

It's often mentioned that there's a definite seasonality to the housing market. While it's easier to make a sale in spring and fall because the home looks better, it's also stiffer competition. One of the most important home appraisal tips is to mind the balance between these.

This home appraisal tips page seeks to convey one all-important issue above the others--patience. . . When planning your home-selling process, it's crucial that you don't rush yourself. Leaving plenty of time is key to making a relaxed and lucrative sale, without pressures of any kind.

Remember that the average time a house stays listed is 30 to 180 days. Giving yourself at least six months for the whole process is a really good idea. Your home sale price may be much higher if you hold out for the right sale.

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