Home Market Value

Written by Laurie Nichol
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How can you most easily raise your home market value? Important factors in a successful property sale include price, terms, location, exposure, and condition. Of these, the last two are the easiest to influence by yourself.

Improve the Property's Condition--Yes, You Can

You might think that you don't have the kind of money it takes to make those home improvements. While it's true that these types of projects, from re-landscaping to add-ons can cost a lot of money, it's also true that they pump up the home sale price even more, resulting in a profit for you, the seller. What you may want to consider is taking out an affordable loan in order to raise your home market value in this way.

Borrowing money for short-term improvements to raise your home market value may be closer than you think. Some people find that they can take money from their 401(k) for just this sort of thing. Others take out home improvement loans from their bank or credit union. Raising your home market value is worth taking the steps these loans require.

While some home sellers even take out second mortgages to pay for their pre-sale home improvements, it's best to only proceed with that after careful consideration. A successful sale often depends on these simple cosmetic changes.

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