Home Prices

Written by Laurie Nichol
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What makes your home appraisal go the full nine yards and translate into a healthy sale? Getting home prices to match home values doesn't have to mean relying solely on a healthy real estate market. Yes, it's important to use home value estimator tools to get a good ballpark of what to charge, but it's also important to do some work yourself to pump up home prices even higher.

What Makes it Sell?

There are five main factors in a lucrative real estate sale. The first is price--get your home appraisal and set a reasonable price at the high end of the range. Next come the terms that you're asking. Do a little research ahead of time and figure out what kinds of terms are simple to handle for both parties.

The condition of your home, especially its exterior "curb appeal" is crucial to a sale. Something that you can't control is the property's location--but, you can put a positive spin on the direction your neighborhood is taking by quoting local real estate trends and future home market value estimations. Finally, exposure is also important--make sure that you have created enough advertising buzz about your property. Don't just rely on a formal MLS listing to create a stir.

The fact is that home prices can fluctuate based on a wide variety of factors. Taking charge of the factors that you have the ability to control, such as those above, is the best advice. Being proactive when you sell your home makes all the difference.

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