San Diego Home Appraisals

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There's been an abundance of San Diego home appraisals in recent months and, even, the past few years. That's because the entire area is in the midst of a real estate boom driven by high demand and short supply, a condition that's also symptomatic of the Los Angeles market to the north. Just why are these numbers continuing to trend upwards so rapidly and consistently?

One reason for the growth is the sunshine. This is hardly a surprise for anyone who's followed the real estate market or just lives in California, which is becoming a state in which it's prohibitively expensive to buy. A second reason for the explosion is the advancing age of the Baby Boomers, many of whom are now seeking comfortable and balmy environs instead of the harsh winds and heavy snows of the midwest and north.

A Corresponding Explosion in San Diego Home Appraisals

As the market soars--median home prices this summer in San Diego have hit a whopping 560,000 dollars--so too do the markets affiliated with it. One of these, the San Diego home appraisals market, remains heady even in the face of slowing numbers. Even when development slows somewhat, investors continue to buy and sell properties, and each transaction requires yet a new appraisal.

A look at a city-by-city breakdown indicates that none of the "hot" areas are decelerating as much as some buyers would like to think. All throughout La Jolla, Oceanside, Del Mar, and Carlsbad, prices are on the rise, more money is flowing into the economy, and more appraisers are being commissioned to do the legwork involved in helping transact condos, duplexes, and single-family homes. As long as this trend continues, San Diego home appraisals will remain a much-needed service, and as such will command continually higher prices.

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