Cal Vet Loans

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The California Department of Veterans affairs likes to make home buying as easy as possible for veterans. You will get lots of benefits when you apply for Cal Vet loans. Interest rates are always low, but for first time buyers, Cal Vet loans make them even lower. Your loan will stay cheap too. No sudden hikes as you'd be vulnerable to if you took out a loan from the private sector. The last time the interest rates went up on Cal Vet loans was in 1994, and even then, it was only by one quarter of a percent.

Cal Vet loans have made it so easy to qualify. Now, provided you've served the minimum amount of time to qualify, you are almost certain to get the loan you want. You can even start the process for getting prequalified for Cal Vet loans right here online.

Cal Vet Loans Downpayments

Some VA loans are made with no downpayment. Cal Vet loans are usually made with a 2 or 3 percent downpayment. So although it's not completely downpayment-free in most cases, your Cal Vet loan downpayment is still going to end up being a lot less than you'd have to come up with if you took out any other kind of loan for your house purchase.

It makes sense to try for a Cal Vet loan for the great savings and the increased security on your investment. A home, after all, is probably the largest purchase you'll even make, and without a doubt, the most important.

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