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Written by Patricia Skinner
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Everyone dreams of having their own home someday. But with the present economic climate, loan services are not quite so easy to deal with as they were in the past. Many people don't have such good credit ratings as they did in the past too, due to problems with employment in these difficult times.

If you have any military service under your belt, the VA loans service makes most sense if you have to take out a mortgage for the purchase of your own home. The VA loans service often grants loans with no downpayment, which can be a great advantage, leaving you with more cash for moving into your new home. Conditions are slightly more relaxed with a VA loans service, so it is slightly easier to qualify for a Veterans Affair loan when compared to a regular loan.

Find Out If You Qualify For A VA Loans Service

Amazingly, many people who actually qualify for a VA Loan, are not aware of it. Make sure you're not missing out here. To qualify for a loan with the VA loans service, there are conditions you must meet though.

You must have completed at least ninety days active service during war time in either WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, or the Persian Gulf. If you haven't served during a war, you must have served at least 181 days active service during peacetime. Although children of veterans cannot inherit the right to use the VA loans service, a spouse can still be eligible for a loan if their husband or wife satisfies the service qualification rules outlined above.

Bad Credit?

If you have been turned down for other types of loans because you have been through foreclosure in the past, don't despair. You could still be eligible under the VA loans service, as they are less stringent with their loans policy. Apart from making it easier for you to get a loan, the VA loans service also save you money on your repayments.

It's best to get yourself prequalified for a loan with the VA Loans Service before you begin the paperwork for buying your new home, otherwise you could end up disappointed. Make sure you get everything set up ahead of time so that the purchase of your dream home can sale right ahead with no hitches.

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