Bad Credit Commercial Loans

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A commercial loan is handled differently from a conventional home or real estate mortgage. There are certain criteria that a commercial borrower should be aware of when shopping for this kind of loan. If you have bad credit, the search becomes a little more complicated, as not every lender is equipped to handle this special situation.

Commercial Lending for Bad Credit Cases

Lenders tend to be conservative when putting together commercial loan packages. If the company asking for the loan has a solid financial background and has been in business for over three years, then most lenders will feel confident that they can offer a good rate. This kind of loan presents less risk. However, a company that has had credit trouble or that has not been around for long will raise questions.

Bad credit does not exclude you from getting a commercial loan, but it will probably mean that the terms of the loan will not be as good. If you carry a large debt load, and your income is not high enough to give you an acceptable debt coverage ratio, then you will be considered a high risk to the lender. If you have missed payments or are working through bankruptcy, then the lender may offer you less than you are hoping for.

Anything of value that you own can be used as collateral; of course, caution should be used when mortgaging a home or other assets in order to get a commercial loan. A high-risk borrower who defaults on a commercial loan may lose all assets leveraged against the loan. An experienced mortgage company can help determine which options will work for you.

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