Document Management

Written by Jessica Duquette
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The Value of Organization

Document management processes are imperative when it comes to processing loans and title signing issues. Many companies lose profitable loan opportunities through poor organizational skills and an inability to have documents notarized and signed in a timely manner. Others may start the process out on the right foot, only to realize they hired the wrong loan management company and have wasted valuable time and money.

Proper document management is usually handled by a notary attorney who is experienced in the world of loan documentation and signing. He or she will be able to go directly to your business and show you how each document will be handled, signed, and processed. Many notaries may also suggest migrating to more current, electronic document solutions.

What to Look for In a Document Management Company

Before investing your business time into a loan management or signing service, take a few moments to take the following questions into account. When doing your research, make sure that the companies you are considering have the most up to date communication techniques and practices. Make sure they have more than just a few years of experience under their belt and ask them what types of services they provide beyond those of a simple notary company.

Some document managing companies include incredibly complete software tools which can track the steps necessary to close loans and process all signatures efficiently and affordably. By indexing and storing scanned images of loan documents, both the client and lender can connect to an online database and become knowledgeable of the entire loan journey. With a few clicks of a mouse they can have the right information at their fingertips in a matter of seconds.

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