Loan Document Management

Written by Sierra Rein
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Eliminate Paper

Loan document management and real estate contracts are two of the most paper-laden processes known to man. Signing a loan for a mortgage or a car is notoriously accompanied with stacks of paper. Each page in the endless stack awaits multiple signatures and in many cases notarized stamps.

In real estate negotiations and loan document management, the industry standard still relies heavily on paper copies and faxed signatures. Awaiting a confirmation from your realtor is frustrating but a necessary part of buying or selling a home. How can this process be made easier?

Electronic Loan Document Management

With the advent of electronic signatures and automated confirmations, much of the hassle associated with loan signing is eliminated. Now, regardless of whether you are the buyer or seller, the process will be less painstaking and more fluid. The days of having an entire staff dedicated to the tediousness of paperwork is over.

To avoid hand cramps and overflowing filing cabinets, many companies have resorted to electronic document storage and loan signing processes. In this electronic age, eliminating the wasted space and administrative burden associated with paper-based tasks is an ongoing battle. Migrating toward technology solutions can help improve productivity and eliminate costs.

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