Loan Document Signing

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Easier Loan Document Signing

Loan document signing is an arduous process that normally involves a plethora of people. Buyers, sellers, real estate agents and notaries are all present at a home closing. Once seated, both the buyers and sellers find themselves attaching their signature to pages upon pages of documentation.

The notary supervises the process to ensure that all documents are accurate and complete. Without these checks and balances errors may prevent the purchase from being valid and in compliant with legal statutes. This long awaited process can take as long as several hours to complete.

Status Updates

Imagine being able to follow your loan application and closing process electronically through the web. You can log in to find out what the status of certain documents are and what if anything is holding up the process. Today, many lenders are utilizing electronic loan document signing technology to help improve processes that have been stereotypically burdened with paper.

The administrative burden of loan processing is a hassle that has been frequently outsourced by many lenders. The full-time staff it takes to manage this process is more costly than an electronic alternative. To learn more about making the loan signing process more efficient, click on the link above.

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