Loan Signing Process

Written by Sierra Rein
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Easing the Loan Signing Process

The loan signing process is dreaded by many. As a first time home buyer, the thought of borrowing an exorbitant amount of money is stressful to say the least. The application process is torturous, and waiting for approval causes many couples to lose sleep.

One of the biggest fears for many first-time buyers is the fear of being rejected. Throughout the loan signing process you are constantly wondering if the lender will actually approve your request for funds. Once you have been approved the stress lessens, slightly.

Closing Dates

Waiting for your closing date to arrive can seemingly take forever. The process is usually conducted at a lawyer's office. This is to ensure that a notary can verify the accuracy of the loan documents about to be signed.

Once both parties have signed each page, (a process which could last as long as two hours) the loan is officially closed. At that point the seller is presented with a check for the amount due on the home and the buyers are given the keys to their new brick ranch. Once complete, the length and hassle of the process seems to dwindle, until you purchase your second home, when the same tasks are performed in duplicate.

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