Mortgage Closing Cost

Written by Sierra Rein
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How Much Will Closing Cost Me?

Mortgage closing cost can add up quickly for home buyers. While you've negotiated the base price of your house you may not have calculated the additional fees for the process of closing. While this can be rolled into your overall loan amount, this can have a significant impact on your monthly mortgage statement.

When you apply for a loan, the lender will ask you what the price for the house is. You can estimate this price if you are still in the negotiating phase. Once a price has been determined the mortgage amount, interest rates and closing costs will most likely fluctuate to reflect the difference.

What Is Included in Mortgage Closing Cost Fees?

Normally, the first year of home owner's insurance is part of the closing cost price. Additionally, legal fees, title or deed and loan origination fees also contribute to the final number. While the lender may be able to give you a general estimate, always be sure to plan in advance should the amount increase.

For many buyers, negotiating the price of the home includes mortgage closing cost. Some sellers are willing to cover a percentage of the costs involved with closing on a loan. This will decrease the amount of money out of pocket you need to deliver on the day of closing.

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