Mortgage Docs

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Endless Paperwork

Mortgage docs are a hassle to prepare and to sign but they are one of the most important parts of the loan closing process. There are always a bunch of different addenda and riders that need to be reviewed in addition to the purchase and sale agreements. While most of the documents may not make sense to most people, the legal language protects the buyer, seller and lender from false claims or potential liabilities.

Mortgage companies with offices across the country may face the challenge of having a client that is closing on a loan in a remote place that is not near an office. Sending a loan officer out just to deliver the mortgage docs and perhaps sit in at the closing can be costly and also pull the officer away from other work that is needed. A larger company may have an office dedicated strictly to administrative work but for smaller companies finding someone to handle the paperwork burdens can be a lifesaver.

Managing Mortgage Docs

Software technology has evolved greatly and this includes document management which allows many users to access the same file over the internet. These programs can help with negotiations and make it unnecessary to ever send out anything but the final document. However, this software can be expensive and may not be feasible to a smaller mortgage company.

Just because a mortgage lender may be smaller should not restrict them from managing documents online. Using a third party to handle all document processing can give them the use of this tool without having to pay thousands of dollars to purchase and implement the software. By selecting an outside company to handle mortgage documents, even a local mortgage company can use the same technology as larger organizations.

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