National Notary

Written by Sierra Rein
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National notary networks allow larger companies the opportunity to use a local notary public to authorize their documents. They can be used for mortgage loan closings or other large financial transactions that require a notary to provide assurance that all paperwork is reviewed and understood.

What is a National Notary?

A notary, or notary public, authorizes that the signer or signers of a document have read and comprehend the documents and that the signatures are genuine. A notary that gains certification in more than one state or national certification is known as a national or mobile notary. They are allowed to witness and authorize document signings in multiple locations across the country.

While a notary may seem like a small part of the loan process, the closing and transfer of any deed can be held up if any of the paperwork contains errors. This can cause problems with the loan being approved or hinder any advanced home decorating plans for the new home. It is important to have a reliable notary that is capable of identifying any gaps in approval and having a knowledge of the mortgage process.

Monitoring a Notary

Becoming certified as a notary public is not extremely hard to do but having a notary that can be trusted with mortgage paperwork is hard to find. Aside from being able to get to a loan closing, a national notary should have the latest training and have resources available to them that make them proficient at their job. Overlooking a signature or not fully explaining the mortgage documents can create large issues that could potentially kill a deal.

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