National Title Companies

Written by Jessica Duquette
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National title companies collect all the information from a real estate transaction according to the details of the contract. As a liaison between the buyer and seller, the title company transfers the deed to the buyer and the cash from the purchase to the seller. While this may seem like a menial task that can be handled by an assistant, there are many guidelines that need to be followed and tracking the transfer on every mortgage could become unmanageable.

What to Look For

Housing sales have continued to increase over the years and the number of refinancing transactions has skyrocketed creating more real estate transactions than ever. If you are looking for a national company to handle the titles for all these deals there are specific items you should be sure that company has. Those items will be discussed but the most important aspect is their customer service and how they handle requests.

Customer service and prompt turn-around time will really differentiate a few companies from the many national title companies in existence. In addition, it is important to look for a company that can offer online documents, account access and support. Having title services online is essential when working with a title company that is located in another part of the country to allow for easy document browsing or printing.

Need for National Title Companies

There is so much paperwork and coordination required for a loan closing that the title part of the process could be overlooked. Not paying attention to the final details could give a customer a bad impression and divert future business. Not only will a national title company ensure a smooth closing but they can also offer great expertise in mortgage processing and handle all document requests with ease.

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