Notary Signing Agents

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Notary signing agents are a notaries with additional training and experience with mortgage loan documents. Loan closing papers can easily be one of the largest documents that a notary has to deal with and has many unique qualities. Knowing which documents to review and where to notarize each page can take years to learn but is a nice skill to have.

Closing attorneys definitely want the process to run smoothly for both the buyer and seller, but also want the closing to be done in an efficient manner. Each attorney has already agreed to a fixed price for their time and do not want to have to worry about working overtime. They will review all of the relevant documents but will also want them signed and notarized quickly, something that notary signing agents can handle.

Notary Signing Agents Certification

After becoming a notary public there are certain steps to take to become a signing agent such as passing a certification course and exam. The course and exam will test your knowledge of the mortgage documents to ensure you are proficient at handling all the papers that you may be presented with at the closing. While none of this is free, you may be able to recoup any expenses at the first mortgage signing you work at.

Becoming a signing agent can lead to many new opportunities to meet loan officers, real estate brokers and other contacts as well. However the real bonus is the pay, a signing agent can earn over $100 from just one closing which normally take between one and two hours. Although it is necessary to retrain and be aware of any changes, the job is not as challenging as the pay might make it seem.

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